Get ready to smile, Boise! There's some fantastic news coming your way about the huskies in our area. Last week, we wrote an article featuring the adorable huskies in our area ready for adoption — we'll link to their pictures from the West Valley Humane Society below. However, since then, 17 of those huskies have officially been adopted!

That's a whole lot of wagging tails and happy families.

The "Raise the Ruff" project is all about making the shelter better for dogs. It started a few weeks ago and will take some time to complete. During this time, the WVHS is working in collaboration with the Idaho Humane Society and McPaws Animal Shelter to take care of the dogs.

Thanks to everyone helping, 17 of the huskies have been adopted, and more than half of the dogs have found new homes or a cozy place to stay for a while with the amazing people who are fostering during this time.

Thought, there are still more dogs in need, and even a few more huskies who are looking for their forever homes. When it comes to the huskies, it's important to know they're like the athletes of the dog world, so they need exercise, a safe place to hang out, and some good friends to keep them company.

The "Raise the Ruff" project will keep going for about nine more months, and WVHS wants to remind everyone to think about helping out these fantastic dogs in need. To find out more about adopting or fostering, hop on over to their website.

Your support means the world to these awesome dogs and helps WVHS make sure they have happy lives while they're at the shelter. Let's keep the good vibes going and give these furry friends the love they deserve!

Fall in Love & Support Boise's Huskies in Need!

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