Recently, a Nampa Police officer shot a dog in self-defense while responding to a barking dog complaint.  The officer arrived and two large barking dogs were barking at him behind the door. While the owner attempted to hold both dogs one of them got away and started trying to bit the officer.

The officer pushed the dog with with his foot trying to keep the dog away.  He was backed up against the garage and could go no further.  The officer fired one round striking the dog, but not killing him. The dog is currently recovering at a local veterinarian hospital and expected to recover.   The owner said she did not mean for the dog to attack the officer.

The Nampa Police department released a video that you can view here of the incident.  The owner told KTVB that she would like the officer to have more training on how to deal with dogs.  This is not the first time an officer has had to fire their weapon in self-defense.  A few years ag,  two incidents involving police officers shooting dogs were reported.

So who is to blame?  Is it the dog?  The police?  Or the owner?  In my opinion, the owner of the dog that was shot is to blame.  No one likes to see an animal shot that was defending its owner and home.  The police officer was acting in self-defense.  The owner has the responsibility to protect the officer and the dog from the escalating situation.

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