The Dr. Anthony Fauci media continues as he continues to express his beliefs about how the country should handle the coronavirus.  Fauci has been on just about every outlet known to mankind commenting on how the country should reopen.  Recently, the doctor was asked about the future of sports in this country.  He believes that baseball has a good chance of succeeded, but cautioned that it shouldn't play too deep into the Fall.  Football could be in trouble if you listen to Fauci.  He notes the amount of physical contact and the enormity of the game as difficult challenges for the gridiron.  KSL reported, Fauci's remarks in a recent radio interview from a New York radio station.  Here's the most important statement on football from the article.

“You could not possibly get a more contact sport than football where literally, on every single play, there’s contact,” Dr. Fauci said. “So that, therefore, you really got to monitor the play very, very closely and carefully, because that could spread very easily if someone is infected and doesn’t realize they’re infected.”


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