The NFL season ended Sunday, and for some former Boise State Broncos who are current NFL Players, it's time to hit the beach or begin the offseason. For other players, like the several Broncos working for the Dallas Cowboys, it will be another week of preparation for the first week of the NFL Playoffs. Let's take a look at what the final week of the NFL looked like for these former Boise State Broncos. Thanks to the hardworking folks at Bronco Sports for compiling this list.

At a quick glance, former Broncos are playing the Vikings, the Washington Football Team, the Los Angeles Rams, and the Dallas Cowboys. Here's a complete list of Broncos who have played and our playing in the NFL. 

Former Boise State Players Playing in the NFL

These Broncos are now earning a living off of playing football.

The Rams will move on to play the Cardinals this week, while the Cowboys will take on the 49ers.  It will be interesting to see which team made up of former Broncos gets the closest to the Super Bowl.  Boise State has had several former players play in and some who have won football's ultimate prize.  

The NFL Playoffs will have a different format this year with two games on Saturday, three on Sunday, and one on Monday Night.  Only the conference number one seeds have gotten a first-round bye.  In years past, it was the top two seeds in each conference that got the extra week of rest.  This year was the first year that the NFL has adjusted its format.  The preseason consisted of only two games and the regular season was extended from sixteen games to seventeen.

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