Will ESPN stick to sports or will they take the president's visit, to the national title game tonight, to take another shot at him politically? It's a big game tonight: Alabama vs. Georgia. However, the real fireworks will be in how ESPN covers President Trump.

ESPN, like the NFL recently, has seen its ratings plummet. The network is rightly criticized for embracing left-wing politics instead of covering sports. Network hosts have forgotten their mission, which is to entertain.

Former President Obama would appear several times to talk sports during his administration. ESPN loved Obama. That's not the case with President Trump. Jemele Hill and others have called the president racist.

Will ESPN take tonight's presidential visit to turn from the Crimson Tide and the Georgia Bulldogs to bashing President Trump? Let's hope someone, an executive, a producer, a host will do the right thing. Which, is to focus on the game, not whether you like or agree with the president.

Tonight is the last game of what has been an outstanding playoff. The fans, the teams, and the country deserve a great game. Let's hope ESPN delivers like both teams on the field.

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