It's finally the end of the longest and most expensive political race in recent Gem State History.   Democratic Gubernatorial Nominee Paulette Jordan shares her views on why she should be Idaho's next governor in her final television ad.

Jordan, who surprised Idaho Democrats by winning the primary, is not expected to win Tuesday's general election. In recent days, she has returned to her progressive roots by advocating for Medicare expansion and the legalization of Marijuana.

Those two issues are not enough to sway Gem State voters away from Lieutenant Governor Brad Little the Republican Gubernatorial Nominee. I expect Brad Little to win with 70% of the vote Tuesday night.

State Democrats will look back on this election as a lost opportunity to win the governor's seat. Here are a few reasons why it will be an extremely early Tuesday night for both political parties:

1. The Jordan Campaign was unorganized and confused. Just days before the primary, essential campaign workers left the campaign. Another group of workers recently quit a few months ago. Campaigns are built like successful sports teams. Turnover is a killer.

2. Jordan picked a fight with the media. Several state news agencies reached out to Jordan, and she was caught contradicting herself. She then attacked the Idaho Statesman for their coverage of her campaign.

3. Jordan didn't adequately answer the charges leveled at her by the Idaho State Republican Party. The state GOP recently several reports stating that Jordan was more interested in filming documentaries in California, than campaigning in Idaho.

4. The state Democrats and the Jordan campaign failed to take advantage of a state Republican Party that had just been through a contentious primary between Brad Little, Tommy Ahlquist, and Raul Labrador. Many of Little's opponents had nonpartisan issues with him that could've been used to appeal to GOP Voters.

5. The candidate did not work hard enough. The Little Campaign has been everywhere. They've covered the state several times along with an intense and dedicated social, earned, and digital media campaign.

For those of you that missed it, here is Jordan's final television ad. Please join us tomorrow night for election coverage beginning at 8 pm on 107.5 FM and 580 AM KIDO Talk Radio.

It will be an early night at the Riverside Hotel.  We'd like to dedicate "End of the Line',  a classic from the Traveling Wilburys, to the Jordan Campaign.


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