It is hard to find people who don't love horses, even if just admired from afar. According to National Today, "horses are in fourth place on the list of the world’s most popular animals. They have been domesticated since ancient times with the earliest record of horse domestication being in 4000 B.C. We have come a long way since then but horses still play a critical role to humans." 

Idaho is a state who loves horses. You don't need to drive very far any direction in the Treasure Valley without seeing horses. The Ford Idaho Center has seen some of the most amazing horses in the state. The Ford Idaho Horse Park has been a staple in the equestrian local world for nearly 20 years. They are gearing up for another season and this one is a big celebration as it is their 20th season.

ICHA is the season's kick off event starts on March 23rd and runs for a few days. The Horse Park Season runs March through November with lots of different shows including annual favorites The Best Little Derby in the West, Idaho Cutting Horse Association, Idaho Reined Cow Horse Association, Region 4 AHA, Idaho Barrel Futurity, Low Roller Reining, and internationally known Snake River Stampede Rodeo.   

This marks 20 years of memories, partnerships, and growth that the Ford Idaho Horse Park has provided for the Treasure Valley and Idaho. According to the official press release, “These added shows bring new visitors both locally and nationally, quickly making Idaho a standout destination for equine competition and commerce. Ford Idaho Horse Park is supported by the Horse Park Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the refurbishment, care, and expansion of the Horse Park for community use and value.”  

Scroll down to see photos of the park and learn more about it. Find out more about the show, event and history of the Ford Idaho Horse Park here 

Ford Idaho Center Horse Park Gears Up for 20th Season Celebration Event

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