His college football days may be behind him, but clearly Keanon Lowe can still run, catch and tackle. The former Oregon Ducks player is being called a hero after he took down an armed student at a Portland high school. 

The incident occurred just before noon on Friday at Parkrose High School, where Lowe now works as the head football coach. When an unidentified student drew a firearm near the school's tennis courts, the former wide receiver sprung into action. "It was crazy seeing him," student Sisi Fuapau says. "I didn’t know he could tackle like that. It was crazy." Police believe the student intended to shoot himself.

Lowe played for the Oregon Ducks from 2011 through 2014, racking up 68 receptions and 11 touchdowns. He became Parkrose's head coach last year. "I’m just happy everyone was OK," Lowe says. "I’m happy I was there for the kids and the community."

Thankfully the incident ended peacefully.  Several folks across the country continue to debate how to keep their kid's school safe.  Many believe that teachers should be armed.  States like Florida have recently passed legislation that allows teachers to carry guns in schools.  Other states are debating that same issue across the country.

Should athletes get into law enforcement when they retire? Had the gun gone off when the kid was tackled, could this have gone a different way for Lowe?

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