While most civilians and media personalities took the long holiday weekend, Kevin Miller delivered fresh, compelling content with news, opinion, commentary, and news makers that continue to get people talking.  Kevin Miller begins the first hour of the show by looking at a few topics.  The first topic was the state of the country in the year 2019.  Kevin Miller reflects on how many people sacrificed personally so that Americans have the unprecedented freedom that we all enjoy today.  Kevin Miller looks at the history of the great state of Idaho.  He reviews the last few years politically that have changed the Gem State.  Kevin Miller discussed how the military has no days off for holidays.  How the military families also serve this country.  He reviews the threats to American independence like the countries of North Korea, Iran, and Russia.  Kevin looks at the country of China and how they're different from the United States of America.  Today's guests:  7 a.m. - Business coach, author, speaker Dennis Mansfield joins Kevin for the hour to discuss patriotism, politics and more.  Mr. Mansfield shares that he is launching a podcast that will focus on his perspective on life. ; 8 a.m. - Phil Hardy of Strategies360 spends an hour with Kevin talking about Idaho politics, land management, family and other issues.  Mr. Hardy looks at the latest changes in the Idaho political culture.

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