Kevin Miller begins the program by looking at the good and bad of social media?  He reviews several examples of local highly successful entrepreneurs who have used social media to make millions.  Kevin Miller looks at the recent testimony on Capitol Hill involving the addictive qualities of Vaping.  He takes phone calls from several listeners.  Kevin Miller explains the merger in tech.  Federal regulators have approved T-Mobile's $26.5 billion takeover of Sprint, despite protests from state officials who think the merger will be bad for consumers. On Friday, the Justice Department approved the plan, which combines the nation's third and fourth-largest wireless carriers.   As part of the deal, Sprint will sell its prepaid phone brands, including Boost and Virgin Mobile, to Dish Network, which will become the nation's #4 carrier. Attorneys general from 13 states have sued to block the deal, which they say will result in job cuts and higher prices. Will you be affected by this merger?  What do you make of the news that Dish Network is about to become a cell phone carrier?  Today's guests: 7 a.m. - Jenny Beth Martin of Tea Party Patriots reviews the Mueller hearing for earlier this week ; 8 a.m. - Former FBI agent James Davidson compares notes with Kevin on Mueller's testimony before Congress.  Kevin Miller interviews Rob and Aaron from Team Mazda Subaru.  They discuss the big grand opening of their new Subaru Store in Nampa, Idaho.  Kevin Miller details that the store will cost 10 million dollars and employ 100 people.
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