We've been waiting and prognosticating about the upcoming primary season for several months. With the end of the Idaho Legislature, the most prominent, most expensive, most competitive primary in Gem State history will officially begin. (I know, I seem to like the word most and let me self-report for being redundant.)

For political candidates, supporters, and operatives, it's finally time for the end game. Idaho Primary Voters will have a once in a lifetime chance to vote in a new Governor, Congressman, Lt. Governor, legislative offices, and other state constitutional offices.

I don't know when we've seen so many people enter the arena when it comes to state politics. Skeptics will pontificate that it doesn't matter who wins, it's the same old game of political football.

I disagree with that assessment. Now is the time to be involved. Go to meetings. Interview the candidates. Ask them tough questions. The politicos have stepped up. Now is the time for us to match their commitment by being involved in the process.

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