You didn't need to be a fan of Country and Western Music to appreciate the brilliance of Glenn Campbell.  How one song and one appearance influenced my life.  The year was 1997 and I had moved to Athens, Alabama working as a talk show host at the legendary WVNN, otherwise known as the 'TalkMonster.'  Culturally it was a challenge to relate to a Southern Audience after spending years in New Hampshire and Ohio.

As anyone who has moved, that when you leave something that is comfortable there are doubts and insecurities.  A conservative talk show host in New England sometimes doesn't immediately translate to the deep South.

The day was July 4th 1997 and I was preparing for my afternoon talk show.  I wondered if I would make it.  I had the Today Show turned on and there was Glenn Campbell singing his hit Southern Nights.  It was magical.

Years later, I still go back to that day twenty years ago.  The power of music to change lives.  Glenn Campbell told stories that were relatable to every American from a Cowboy in Idaho to a Talk Show Host in Alabama.

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