Have you noticed how cheap gas is in Idaho?  It wasn't always that way in the Gem State.  Usually, we're in the top 5 when it comes to the most expensive gasoline prices in the country.2020 and so far 2021 have been good to Gem State Drivers.  According to our friends at AAA Idaho, the Gem State saw the 5th largest year-over-year price drop at 46 cents per gallon of regular gas.  Regional neighbors Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado and Oregon also made the top ten list, with Arizona posting the biggest savings at 60 cents per gallon.

Why are our gasses so refreshingly low?  Some experts say that the country's response to the Covid crisis is one reason.  Another reason is that the country continues to be more energy efficient with more states embracing fracking.

As we reported earlier, Idaho is usually one of the most expensive states in the country.  That is not the case in the latter parts of 2020 and early 2021.  Here's more information courtesy of AAA's news release.  Idaho currently has the 26th most expensive gas in the country after several months in the 7th to 9th place-range.  Drivers here paid the most to fill up on January 1 last year, at $2.68 per gallon.  Prices at the pump reached their lowest point on May 4, when drivers paid $1.80 per gallon.

Looking to travel?  Here's a current list of gas prices throughout the state:

Boise - $2.18

Coeur d’Alene - $2.07

Franklin - $2.19

Idaho Falls - $2.15

Lewiston - $2.33

Pocatello - $2.22

Twin Falls - $2.27

Let's hope that these historically low gas prices continue during the next administration.  It would be a shame to go back to the 'pain at the pump!'

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