Governor Brad Little spent this Thursday at the White House meeting with President Donald Trump and Trump administration officials on topics that included cutting government red tape to support America’s economic rebound, the availability of COVID-19 testing supplies for Idaho, Mountain Home Air Force Base, and others.

The Governor spoke about how Idaho has led the nation in deregulation.  He joked about Idaho being with the red truck instead of the blue car.  He was referencing how republican leadership in Idaho and across the country has continued to lead America during the Covid Crisis.

Idaho’s success in cutting red tape serves as an example for other states and the federal government to follow. Idaho became the least-regulated state in the country during Governor Little’s first year as governor. The state cut and simplified 75-percent of rules in a matter of months. Additional regulatory changes in Idaho this year improved Idaho’s response to COVID-19 by increasing healthcare capacity and access to telehealth services.

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