Several Boise residents woke up this weekend to find out that their homes, cars, and other pieces of property damaged by spray paint.

The area impacted by the graffiti was between Main, and Idaho Streets reports Channel Seven. Boise Police are investigating the city in hopes of apprehending the suspect or suspects responsible for the damage.

The property impacted ranged from individuals cars, entrances to businesses, homes, alleys, and other public areas.

The perpetrators left behind two cans of spray paint. No word from Boise Police if they found fingerprints on the cans. The police did take photos of all the damaged property.

Expect authorities to find out who was responsible for these acts. Downtown Boise has several cameras that police will use to figure out who committed this graffiti spraying spree.

Unlike most major cities, this graffiti tagging is unusual for the city of trees. If you know who did this and would like to help authorities, please call Crimestoppers at 343-COPS.


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