Tonight's game against Virginia will give the Boise State Broncos one of their few chances to have the entire world of college football fans all to themselves.  Why it's crucial that the Broncos blow out Virginia tonight on the Blue.  I know hindsight is 20/20, but I sure do miss the days of the BSC and the WAC. Those were the glory days of this area and an example of how David really can beat Goliath.
In those days, nonpower schools, like BSU, only had to worry about a few other of their kind trying to crash the bowl dance. Remember the days of Utah, Hawaii, and TCU, to name a few, who followed took on the major powers in big-name bowls.
Today, there's the group of five and the Utes, and Horned Frogs have become members of the Power Five Cartel. You'd think less is more, but now we have several schools who could get that big game on New Years Day.
Currently, Boise State is ranked #6 in the Fansided Group of 5 Power Rankings. The rankings are unscientific but could be troubling if all five teams win out. They are Houston, Colorado State, Memphis, South Florida, and San Diego State at number one.
San Diego State and Memphis should share the number one spot for their upset victories last week. The Aztecs destroyed Stanford while the Tigers held on to beat UCLA. Those wins and the national recognition that they earned will be tough to overcome unless BSU pours it on against the Cavaliers.
Let's hope that Coach Harsin has the team focused on what they can control and not outside distractions that we'll leave to the backseat driving to the media.

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