It's over, after fifteen years, the show that redefined television and made Fox Television a player, American Idol announced today that next year will be the show's last season.  Some may speculate it was youtube or perhaps the Voice that killed American Idol. However, the real culprit in Idol's demise is the Fox Television Network.

Watching American Idol today is like watching a fight to see who will be king of the flea circus.  Instead of being about the music or the budding stars, the show resembles more of a battle royal in pro wrestling as the judges and Ryan Seacrest mug over who can get more camera time.  Oh, how we all miss Simon Cowell!

Here's brief history of American Idol.  Did you know that every network including the CW and UPN turned down show several times?  (Read Howard Kurtz's Media Circus for a complete history of Idol.)  If not for Elisabeth Murdoch vouching for the show to her father, perhaps American Idol wouldn't have made it to Fox.  Could you imagine Idol on UPN or the CW?  Talk about buyers remorse on their part!

Idol began as a Summer replacement with limited support.  It clearly surpassed any expectations from the network.  Idol was so successful it returned in the Spring and has been there ever since.  Its success created a series of imitators, like the Voice, which eventually took a toll on American Idol.

However, they're three other factors contributing to the demise of Idol.  One was the continuing musical chairs of unqualified and just plain awful judges.  How many of us remember Kara DioGuardi, Ellen DeGeneres, Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey?  The lack of unity coupled with the extended hours of Idol gradually sank the great ship.

Remember when AI would be on three days in a row two or three hours per show?  Whatever happened to leave them wanting more?  Fox took all the ad money, and Idol has paid the price.  Whoops, I almost forgot too much Ryan Seacrest?  Ryan, what do you bring to the table?

So how should American Idol end?  Let's dump Jennifer(where's the mirror) Lopez, Keith (too nice) Urban and Harry (I'd rather be in New Orleans) Connick Jr.  These folks made it all about themselves.

Fox Television owes it to America to give Idol a star-studded send-off.
Bring back Randy, Paula and Simon!  You know the judges that season after season discovered Carrie, Kelly, Daughtry, and so many other superstars of music.   Let American Idol go out as the major player it once was.


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