Driving in the Treasure Valley can be especially scary.  It seems every month we dedicate a show to how to keep yourself safe on Idaho roads.  I'm always surprised when I'm getting the tailgate special at 3:45am on my way into work?  Who is in such a hurry at that hour of the day? 

Recently, I had someone tailgate me and flip me off while driving home from work on the connector.  This time it was about four in the afternoon and I was trying to change lanes because my lane was about to end.  Apparently, I was in the way of the driver behind me that flipped me off and zoomed in between lanes driving down the highway.

The mild winter season has caused most folks to speed while driving to and from their chosen destinations.  The lack of a police presence on the roads only encourages drivers to drive well past the speed limit.  Could we see the legislature increase funding to put more police on Idaho roads?

Speed-related deaths and crashes have dropped in Idaho and across the country in recent years, but AAA says in a press release that drivers still need to remain focused behind the wheel, maintain a safe following distance, and be ready to react at a moment’s notice to reduce the risk of serious injury.


In new research conducted by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, and Humanetics Innovative Solutions, three identical 2010 model-year vehicles were fitted with crash test dummies and analyzed at impact speeds of 40, 50, and 56 mph.  The model year was selected to reflect the average age of vehicles on American roads.


While sensors in the dummy from the 40-mph crash showed a relatively low risk of injury, the risk increased by 67% when the impact speed was raised to 56 miles per hour, suggesting a much higher probability of facial fracture, neck trauma, and severe brain injury.  The likelihood of fractures to the lower legs also increased with impact speed.

The best prevention is to drive defensively.  Remember, that many folks like to run the red lights.  So use caution when at a four way stop.


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