Love him, hate him; you cannot ignore him. No, we're not writing about a sports team or athlete profiling the United States President Donald John Trump. Today is election day, and millions, perhaps a record number of citizens if you believe the media, will be voting. Win, lose or draw, the president has changed politics forever. We are more engaged as a country than we've ever been at any time in our history.

On a whimsical note, he reminds me of the Christian Bale Batman character in the Dark Knight movie. When the Batman was confronting the Joker, Health Ledger tells him, 'he's changed things forever.' So has Donald Trump. You can watch that fictional clip here.


Politics will never be the same whether the president is reelected or not. Politics has become a contact sport. Previous presidential campaigns have seen both candidates trying to mimic each other. Voters complained that there never was a choice except the lesser of two evils. Today's selection is evident in who you're voting for. There is no confusion between the two. Mask mandate? Biden! No Mask mandate? Then it's Trump!

Pre Donald Trump, can you recall how many times athletes or entertainers engaged in politics? Today everyone is talking about politics. I prefer today's athletes to focus on their profession and politic on their own time. However, any engagement is good engagement. The pundits say we could have a record day of voting.

If so, it will be because of President Trump. Do Americans have a passion for Joe Biden? The answer is no. He's the other choice on the ballot. So, love him, hate him, thank him for making America care about its vote again.


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