Sports and Entertainment use to be a refuge from our daily world of politics and current events. It was an island where we could focus on our favorite team and their weekly challenges. Sadly, ESPN's decision to embrace liberal, social, and political issues will lead to its destruction.

There's an unwritten rule in media, heck it's probably part of most contracts in today, that you do not mention your political beliefs. Michael Jordan had a brilliant response to critics who wondered why he didn't use his platform for politics. "Republicans buy shoes too," was his saying. Jordan's evergreen approach to sports and marketing has propelled him to one of America's Richest and most popular sports figures.

Like Jordan, ESPN was an oasis from the divisive world of politics. Millions tuned in to watch their favorite team or watch Tony and Mike debate sports on Pardon the Interruption. Sports is now an afterthought at the Worldwide Leader.

Endorse Donald Trump; you're gone, just ask Mike Ditka. Disagree with the NC Bathroom Law, and you hit the road as Curt Shilling found out. Heck if you're name is Robert Lee, you get pulled from calling a college football game. Nevermind the countless hours ESPN's anchors spend guilting and caring the banner for out of work Colin Kaepernick.

ESPN and the NFL have seen their rating dominance evaporate. Americans do not support people who refuse to stand for the national anthem or bad mouth our great country. Sports fans do not want lectures about race, money, or how bad the 31 NFL owners are because they're rich white men, see Max Kellerman on that one.

Let's add rising star Jemele Hill to the list of liberal champions on working for the 'sports network.' This week she tweeted during Monday Night Football that President Trump is a racist and his cabinet is made of racist. To Ms. Hill's credit, she did not air those comments on the air.

However, as a public figure employed by a public company, you cannot attack the president that way. Your views represent the company and your coworkers. ESPN offered a tepid apology, but Hill has not apologized so far.

What would've happened to anyone at ESPN who said the exact opposite about President Obama during his administration? Chances are they would not be at ESPN very long.

If ESPN and the NFL want to succeed it's effortless, leave the politics to KIDO Talk Radio, FOX News, and the liberal networks. Focus on what you do best, College Gameday, PTI, and SPORTS!

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