Idaho gas prices have stabilized, according to AAA Idaho. Are high gas prices here to stay?

The Biden Administration has actively moved to shift the country away from fossil fuel consumption. Reuters reports that two California senators are pressuring the administration to set an end date for selling gas-powered vehicles in America. That seems like an overly ambitious goal for a country still fighting a pandemic.  

Back in Idaho, our gas prices have historically ranked some of the highest in the country. Gas apologists say nothing the state can do because we get our gas from the refinery in Salt Lake City, Utah. Without competition, we have no alternative but to pay what they charge us. The Idaho Senator voted unanimously to strip the Idaho Attorney General's power to enforce gasoline price gouging laws in the Gem State.  

Years ago, Idaho was a small state that didn't warrant its refinery. Wouldn't it be refreshing if someone in Idaho, elected or non-elected, declared that the Gem State would build the nation's first new refinery in years? America was founded on dreamers who didn't take no for an answer. Will there be resistance to an Idaho becoming less dependent on out-of-state refineries? Yes, there will be! Can it be done? What's the harm in having someone with guts working to lower gas prices in Idaho?

Idahoans deserve a government that cares about their economic well-being. Our state's quality of life is a magnet to Americans wanting to live our lifestyle of self-determination. However, rising gas prices raise the price of everything. Affordable housing is already a pipe dream in the Gem State. Without a change in our state's gas costs, affordable driving may be slipping away.  

How bad is it when it comes to rising gas prices? AAA Idaho has broken down the costs in the Gem State.

Boise - $3.10

Coeur d’Alene - $2.71

Franklin - $3.19

Idaho Falls - $2.91

Lewiston - $2.80

Pocatello - $2.95

Twin Falls - $3.04

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