Wasn't it just a few years ago that police departments across the country created parody music videos that humanized officers through self-deprecation? It's hard to believe that anyone, let alone elected officials, would advocate with a straight face defunding or abolishing the police. We would have no order or a society without our protectors. We've seen several local groups organize marches supporting police officers. 


This Monday October 5th, there will be a rally to show law enforcement how much you care about them at the Ford Idaho Center coincidentally called 'Back the Blue.' The event will feature local and national speakers from the law enforcement community. A country band will end the night filled with service and song. Here's a list of the schedule of events:

Gates open at 4 pm with food carts around the Idaho Center. The program runs from 6 pm-9 pm. Proceeds, after costs, will go towards law enforcement charities.  

Back the Blue Organizer Joe Anderson shares why this event is so essential for all of us.

“I personally have experienced the incredible professionalism of our men and women in Blue in my neighborhood in August 2020. When a man who had beaten his girlfriend started wielding a gun and pointing it at people, they came in force, de-escalated the situation, made sure our neighborhood was safe, and then risked their lives to go in and apprehend this man. Thank God for these brave officers! My family and I felt totally safe! ‘When the going gets tough … the Blue get going!’” 

For tickets and more information go to Amplifythe99.com

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