Welcome to the month of April.  The official kickoff of the home buying/selling season in America.  Home prices in the Treasure Valley continue to rise to historic prices.  Realtors have hit the streets looking any available inventory.  Is is really possible to buy a home in our area?   We asked Greg Ferrera the host of Real Estate Rescue Idahof for some tips on how to make that winning offer.  Greg has over twenty five years of real estate experience.

The following is the beginning of a ten part series designed to help you find that special home.  There is a lot of competition, so it's time to get to work.  Greg described the first step in the process:

"The 1st step to a very involved process and is a big deal, with many considerations to evaluate, weigh out and prioritize. If you are moving across town, then it is a little easier to manage, it is a  matter of planning and coordinating the sale dates, closing dates, possession dates. Moving out of the area is more difficult."

"If you have a family, you may need to consider changing schools  for your children, trying to figure out where are best schools in the community you want to move?  How to minimize the stress and shock on their emotions, depending on their ages. This is a very important event for your children, be compassionate and sensitive. If you have teenagers, it can be devastating for them to move during high school.   With the current volatile market conditions, large migrations of people moving into Idaho from Oregon, Washington, California and parts all across the country, the Treasure Valley is experiencing tremendous growth and development in every community. You can certainly capitalize on the high values and bidding opportunities."

We'll share the next few steps with you next week.

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