Hello America!  We're back!  It's time for the 2019 edition of Girls with Guns brought to you by Independence Indoor Shooting.  For years, protectors of the Second Amendment have nominate their favorite "Girl" with her "Gun" in hopes of winning some serious prizes.So how does one nominate their favorite girl?  Just fill out the form below.  Once we gather the contestants, we'll begin the process of allowing the Treasure Valley, the state of Idaho, and the entire world the opportunity to vote for their favorite girl.  You don't have to know the contestant to vote for them, just have a passion for the Second Amendment.

580 KIDO Girls with Guns

You must be over the age of eighteen to be eligible for Girls with Guns 2019.  We ask that you keep your submissions in good taste.  KIDO Talk Radio is a station that supports Idaho Family Values.  Over the years we've received literally millions of vote in support of females and freedom.  We'll have an announcement soon on what the prizes will be for the top 3 finalist.  Looking to shoot for free?  Join Kevin Miller this Friday morning as he broadcast his morning show from Independence Indoor Shooting.

Say hello to Kevin Miller on the air and fire off a few rounds at the range before heading to or from work.  We can't wait to see what your favorite Girl with her Gun looks like!



Girls with Guns 2019

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