As the faux outrage industry continues to churn over the actions of a few teachers in Middleton, Idaho, the community and common sense have rallied to save the teachers. This morning I had a chance to hear the real story of what's going on from the fallout over 14 teachers put on administrative leave over wearing costumes depicting inappropriate Mexican stereotypes.

Did the teachers make a mistake? Did the district overact? I'll pass on speculating; we'll leave that to the folks on social media. I did learn that there have been threats against the educators who are on paid leave. Also, that protestors are targeting the elementary school?

Have they lost their collective minds? Why would someone protest an elementary school where little kids go to learn? What are they hoping to accomplish? Are they hoping to get the teachers fired? What a mistake! I wonder how many of the 'outraged' live in Middleton?

I believe the Middleton Heights teachers should be reinstated and allowed to do their jobs. A great lesson for all of us, big or small, is owning up to making a mistake and seeking forgiveness. Let's hope cooler heads prevail.

Would you like to show your support for the Middleton Heights Teachers? Click here to send a message of support to the Middleton School District.

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