A new study by our friends at AAA Idaho says that pedestrian deaths in this county have risen significantly.  The publication says deaths have risen 53% in the last decade.How about Idaho?  How do we rank when it comes to the dangers of crossing the street or other pedestrian activities.  AAA reports that deaths in the Gem State have risen according to a recent news release.

In Idaho, pedestrian fatalities increased by 70% over the same time period, rising from 10 to 17 deaths per year.  While conditions improved slightly in 2019 (14 deaths) and 2020 (an estimated 11 deaths during the reduced traffic caused by the pandemic), AAA and its safety partners remain focused on the goal of zero deaths.

According to AAA’s review of NHTSA’s Fatality Analysis Reporting System, the number of pedestrians aged 60 to 69 who were involved in a fatal crash more than doubled over the study period.  And while the number of pedestrians killed in rural crashes remained constant, the number of deaths on busy urban roads grew by 70 percent, with 68 percent of the increase on roads with speed limits of 40 mph or faster.

AAA public affairs director Matthew Conde cautions that more people are on the road because of the times we live in.  "With more people walking for exercise or to get to work or school during the pandemic, we all need to do our part to protect pedestrians.  He continued, we’ve got to keep things moving in the right direction."

One issue that is a major concern is the issue of folks driving while being intoxicated.  "Drivers and pedestrians also need to stay sober,” Conde said.  “Impaired judgment leads to risk-taking and poor reaction time, and that’s a recipe for disaster, particularly when a motor vehicle is involved.”


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