McCall is gearing up for the expected massive influx of Summer Tourism.  The folks who run Idaho's largest resort area would like you to take the The McCall Promise.  They've outlined the details in a news release.2020 was a challenging year for the normal bustling Gem State getaway.  Events were cancelled, while local tourist destinations suffered due to Covid concerns and restrictions.  Like most of the state, McCall looks to rebound big time.  The return of the annual Fourth of July will jump start the season.

McCall Values

"This summer will look a lot more familiar to McCall's frequent visitors than last summer, with the return of large events like the Fourth of July Fireworks and many other exciting things planned and hosted by our local businesses," McCall Area Chamber spokesperson McKenzie Kraemer said. "The goal of this effort is to remind our visitors of the qualities that originally attracted them to the community of McCall and of their role in preserving that character."

Chad Case

"There is something about McCall. The natural wonders, the people, the small-town charm. If you live here or have had a chance to visit, you get it. That spark, that uniqueness, is something we want to ensure isn't lost for future generations."

Chad Case

The McCall Promise

* I will avoid left-hand turns during high-traffic times to preserve my own sanity and that of the cars behind me.

* I will brake for pedestrians and bikes and town deer (even when they forget to carry the bright green flags provided at crosswalks).

* I will not invent my own trail while seeking the trail less traveled.

* I will say please and thank you like my parents taught me and remember to tip my servers.

* I will not get freaked out when someone tips a hat or waves in passing on a back road -- locals are just a friendly bunch.

* I will stand in awe of the local wildlife, but not stand too close...even in pursuit of the perfect photo.

Photo Courtesy of McCall Tourism and Visitors

* I will plan for several seasons of weather to happen in one day and pack clothing accordingly.

* I will take my lead from Smokey Bear and drown my campfire.

* I will soak in the fresh mountain air and small-town charm.

* I will be kind and courteous, even when hangry.

Photo Courtesy of McCall Convention and Visitor's Bureau

* I will respect the natural wonders that make this place so special and do my part to keep the water and the land as I found it.

* I will respect no wake zones in the summer and avalanche reports in the winter.

* I will adhere to Leave No Trace practices and take my trash with me (and any I may find along the way).

Chad Case

* I will keep a keen eye out for Sharlie.

Although many of the 'McCall Promises' seem like common sense, we can never remind ourselves enough about being respectful of others.

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