He's won a million dollars on Survivor.  So how did Boise's Ben Driebergen do it?  Have you ever wondered how normal folks from across the country get to play television's longest running reality show?

Those are just a few of the questions we asked Ben during his appearance this week on the Kevin Miller Show.  First impression, is that Ben is a great guy and really committed to his family and friends in the Treasure Valley and the state of Idaho.

During the interview, Ben reveals what happens to the Survivors who get voted off the island before the show ends.  Do they get to go home, plus just how tough is it to keep such a big secret from family, friends, and coworkers?

Coming up this week, we'll share with you several short videos where we ask Ben some of the most obvious and funny questions on being on Survivor.  Check out our entire interview here, plus Ben's take on going to the bathroom in Fiji.

Here's Ben with a quick take on the bathroom situation.

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