Joe Biden says if he were president, he'd make you do it.  So does Nancy Pelosi and every health official, when it comes to making you wear a mask in public.  Let's not forget several states now have made mask wearing mandatory.  But does wearing a mask in public protect you or stop the spread of the corona virus?  Well, according to a new national study, the answer is yes, reports marketwatch.

Goldman Sachs says through their study that a nationwide order to wear protective masks would be more effective than lock downs and would slow down the spread of the coronavirus, but it could also save the U.S. economy from further devastation. "A national mask mandate could increase US face mask usage by statistically significant and economically large amounts, especially in states such as Florida and Texas that currently don’t have a comprehensive mandate and are seeing some of the worst outbreaks," says the firm's chief economist, Jan Hatzius.In the absence of a national mandate, a similar outcome could be achieved if more states followed the leads of Arizona, New York, Pennsylvania and nine others, all of which have made wearing masks mandatory, Hatzius says.

Governor Little says that we should wear a mask in public and that he will not make it mandatory.  Do you agree with his decision?

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