Despite mask mandates being eliminated by state and local agencies, some local businesses have decided to restrict your right to be mask-free. We all remember that sign in front of stores, no shoes, no shirt, or service; now we have some businesses posting signs no shot, wearing the mask, or do not enter their facility.

My personal view on the sign above is how any business will know whether or not you took the poke of Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson and Johnson? Will the store clerk, assistant to the manager, or someone else demands to see your 'vaccination papers?' Then again, stores would have to have employees working to make that demand.

In America, we have a right to privacy, and we have HIPAA laws that protect our medical privacy. Will we be forced to give up those rights in post-Covid Idaho so we can buy a ham sandwich? Pre-Covid Idaho Americans had free will where we could use our critical thinking skills.

Idahoans don't have the right to enter a business, but we have rights regarding our privacy. We also have a right to say no to both the poke and the mask. If public health entities or private businesses want more people to take the shot, they need to create greater trust in the process.

Lawmakers, state and federal, need to pass legislation protecting workers from being forced to take the shot as a term of employment. Idahoans and Americans should not be compelled to choose between their body sovereignty and a paycheck.

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