May 5th is the National Day of Prayer, and Idahoans celebrate their religious freedom like all Americans.  The day has grown as more people of diverse religious backgrounds pray in public spaces.  Christians and folks of other faiths, including Satanists, participated in the Idaho State Capitol Building ceremonies. 

Idaho Christians and Satanists Showdown at Statehouse

Christians and Satanists Showdown at the Capitol

Every year Christians of all denominations participate in the National Day of Prayer.  This year was the first year that we've seen Satanists hold a rally on the same day.  The Satanists have demonstrated at the Statehouse previously, as we've reported here.  The Satanic Temple of Idaho did reserve the second floor of the rotunda today, although their dialog was not limited to their Satanic worship.  Many Satanists were carrying signs referencing the leaked Supreme Court decision that is rumored to be the end of Rov v. Wade.

  The Statehouse did get loud as folks chanted and exercised their First Amendment rights.  Idaho has long been criticized by the press for not being a state of intolerance.  Whether you agreed with the Satanic Temple or not, they were allowed to express themselves freely.  


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