To the sad surprise of no one, Idaho gas prices continue to rise. We could give you a quote from our friends at AAA Idaho or the Idaho Press, both are covering the story, but we all know why gas prices continue to climb in the Gem State. As consumers and our elected leaders, we refuse to acknowledge that the high cost of gasoline will continue to erode our outstanding Idaho quality of life.

Gas prices are rising because we now have more people on the roads than we did at this time last year. You don't have to be economist Adam Smith to understand the law of supply and demand. The less the collection, the more we'll pay for gasoline. When President Trump was in office, we were energy independent for the first time as a modern nation. Today, President Biden has limited our fossil fuel options in his zeal to turn America into a country fueled by solar or other renewable energies.

Idaho faces its challenges because we have limited access to the supply of gasoline. Although there hasn't been a new refinery built in America in the last twenty years, why not explore that option for Gem State residents shortly? We had the INL; why can't Idaho make a new refinery to allow us a cheaper alternative to our current situation?

Will any of the multiple candidates running for Idaho's next governor address this growing economic anchor? Or will we all be continued victims of a bureaucracy that doesn't value its constituents?

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