Last week, Summer ended with the Labor Day Weekend.  Summer was a good year for those that travel in their cars as opposed to flying from one destination to another.  In fact, COVID has devastated the airline industry reports CNN. The network reports that most of the major airlines saw less than 50% of their scheduled flights filled due to COVID concerns. Although, those Americans who travel by car took to the roads in record numbers during this Summer.

Now that Summer is over, gas prices have begun to drop reports AAA Idaho, in a press release.  Gem State gas prices have dropped two cents in the last week.  Idaho traditionally is one of the state's with the highest gas prices in the country.  Currently, the average price per gallon in Idaho is $2.45.  How does that compare to the national average?

The national average is $2.19 says AAA Idaho.  So will gas prices continue to drop?  It depends on a few factors:

1.  The impact of Western Wildfires

2.  How much, if any, damage from Tropical Storm Sally in the Gulf Coast.

3.  The efficiency of Rocky Mountain refineries which are at 86% utilization rate.

4.  The upcoming change to winter blended fuel that contains fewer additives and is cheaper than the summer blend.

How does your Idaho city fare when it comes to gas prices?  Check out our list below thanks to AAA Idaho.

Boise - $2.48

Coeur d’Alene - $2.33

Franklin - $2.44

Idaho Falls - $2.34

Lewiston - $2.43

Pocatello - $2.46

Twin Falls - $2.45

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