Good news for Idahoans that love to drive their cars.  Let's face it, in the West, everyone likes to drive.  National gas prices are rising, however prices in the Gem State have fallen by 2 cents reports AAA Idaho in a press release.

The latest report from the Energy Information Administration shows that the U.S. demand for fuel hit 8.5 million barrels per day this week, a slight increase from a week ago.  But restrictions associated with the pandemic have held demand nearly 850,000 b/d lower than they were last year.

Covid has devastated the airline industry.  The government has already sent millions to help the airlines stay afloat.  The challenge now is that the money is running out, which could cause some airlines to fold.  The airline industry has said that there is a less than 1% chance of someone getting Covid while flying, reports Fortune.

In Idaho, folks have taken to the road in record numbers.  Whether it's a road trip McCall or a camping trip in the mountains, traffic has increased on federal, state, and local roads.  This seems to be the trend nationally says AAA Idaho.

“Fuel demand may be a little wobbly at the beginning of the fall.  Some families who are working or going to school remotely have more flexibility to travel than usual, even if it’s just a quick trip to see family.  In addition, some people are making getaways to places like Florida or the National Parks that have limited COVID-19 restrictions, and it will be easier to visit Hawaii in just a couple of weeks,” says AAA Idaho spokesman Matthew Conde.  “But the overall trend will be toward less travel, and that should eventually bring cheaper prices at the pump.”


Once again, it's time for our list of gas prices around the state as of 9/28/20:


Boise - $2.42


Coeur d’Alene - $2.30


Franklin - $2.41


Idaho Falls - $2.31


Lewiston - $2.42


Pocatello - $2.46


Twin Falls - $2.45

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