We had a good run little buddy.  Okay, that's not what you're thinking when you're going to the gas pump to fill up your car.  Gas Prices in Idaho are on the rise again despite most of Idahoans still working from home.Although gas prices are still at historic lows.  AAA Idaho says prices have risen by 12 cents in the last week, according to a release from that group.  Last week, Gem State Gas Prices leapt by 16 cents.  Was that the biggest jump in the country?   Sadly, we we're behind Colorado (+16 cents) and Utah (+15cents) when it comes to raising the price at the pump.

Courtesy of AAA Idaho
Courtesy of AAA Idaho

Who has the cheapest gas per gallon in the country?  You'd have to travel way down south to fill up at Mississippi's 1.58 per gallon.  Idaho is currently ranked as the 12th highest price per gallon in the country.

Triple A reports that we're paying 1.06 per gallon less than a year ago, but our price is 29 cents more than last month.  How do Idaho gas prices compare to the rest of the nation?  The national average is 1.96 per gallon, while our average is 2.14 per gallon.

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