It didn't take long for the impeachment movement in the Idaho Legislature to get a reaction.   Early indications from publish reports indicate that Representative Chad Christensen's Impeachment Bill has been given the stiff arm. Republican State Representative Brent Crane, chairman of the House Senate Affairs Committee told the Idaho Press via the Idaho Falls Post Falls that he will not grant the bill a hearing.  Echoing comments on KIDO Talk Radio, the chairman referenced the national Democratic tactics against former President Donald Trump.

Representative Crane characterized the criticisms against Governor Little as personal disagreements as opposed to impeachable offenses.  On the other hand, several legislators have drafted bills in the House and Senate to limit or eliminate the governor's emergency powers.

Representative Christensen has asked the public to email and call Representative Crane to give his bill a hearing.  Without a hearing, the bill cannot be voted on to get it to a full vote of the Idaho House of Representatives.  He mentioned in public reports that another legislator wrote the bill, but did not wanted to remain anonymous  because of possible paybacks.   You can read the entire impeachment articles by clicking this link here.

A recent recall effort against Governor Little failed to garner enough votes to make it to the ballot.  Representative Christensen will join us Friday morning at 8am to discuss his plans for future legislation regarding the governor.  The next gubernatorial election is November 2022.  Many political operatives on both partisan sides expect Governor Little to be challenged in the Republican Primary.

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