Last week, a group of Idaho lawmakers made moves to have our state be the latest to declare pornography a risk to public health.  The motion has moved to the House floor. 

Other states have made similar declarations, and this one, currently sent to the floor of The House for debate from the House State Affairs Committee, would mean Idaho joins that list.

The motion does not call for a ban or legal restrictions, but instead would serve as a symbolic move that encourages state agencies and local officials to address the need for education, research, and encourages a look at changing policies that would provide protection for citizens of Idaho from the effects of pornography.

The Idaho Legislature has passed a similar motion in 2008, as a non-binding declaration was sent to Congress asking they would assist in preventing children and employees from accessing pornography.

Opponents say that pornography is legal, and that these materials are, for some, not just a choice but a positive outlet.

The same committee that has moved this process to the House Floor did not pass a measure that would have required Idaho Public Libraries to use blocking software to prevent the viewing of pornography across their wireless networks.

For more on the policy proposals and debate, check out the article from US News & World Report.

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