Over one hundred fifty people took time action Monday marching on the capitol in support of the Second Amendment.  As we have discussed recently, this march was the work of Greg Pruett of the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance. 

Getty Images George Frey

The purpose of Monday's march, as opposed to weekend ones when previous marches have happened, was to show Idaho Lawmakers how important stronger gun laws are to gem state residents.  The event drew coverage from every local TV station and the two local newspapers.  It reminded me of a football rally where the school is assembled to cheer on the high school team.

If you saw the footage, did you wonder why the 'peoples representatives' were not among the people? Standing behind the speakers only reinforces the idea that these politicians are eager to put their health exchange votes behind them.  Or to be associated as a pro 2nd Amendment lawmaker.  That's not a bad reputation to have in an election year.

Voters should judge these lawmakers not on the glad handling at the capitol but on their actual votes.  If pro gun legislation is not passed then voters should judge their law makers by their inaction and not their empty words.