It looks like they're a lot of Idaho legislators that like illegal drugs. Oh, Kevin Miller, that's another inflammatory statement by you! You might be correct, but how else can you explain the recent vote by the Idaho Legislator to vote down a constitutional amendment that would keep all drugs currently illegal, permanently illegal.

The Idaho Press reports the House said no to the constitutional amendment HJR4 42-28. You can read the same chorus of lawmakers demanding that Idaho legalize medical marijuana. The Idaho Citizens Coalition will be making a big demonstration at the statehouse on 4/20/21. Once again, Idahoans will hear the refrain about the need to legalize medical weed.

The pot purveyors will not tell you that every state that has legalized medical marijuana eventually legalizes it for recreational use. Montana was the most recent state in our area to legalize it. It's going for a good cause, they tell us. I'd advise anyone to look at the consequences of legalizing marijuana in states like Colorado, Oregon, and Washington?

The truth is we have a lot of Republican legislators who are pro-pot. They'd like to see the state legalized the weed. Governor Little has openly said that he is not in favor of legalization. We are about to see an enormous amount of money spent to motivate Idaho Lawmakers to join the other states in breaking federal law. That's right; federal law makes it illegal to sell marijuana. The Obama administration refused to enforce the law, which allowed states to begin the process of legalization.

How special is Idaho?  How big of a target is the Gem State?  From the Idaho Citizens Coalition web site:

49 states have legalized CBD with low THC

36 states legalized medical marijuana

18 states legalized recreational marijuana

2 states decriminalize use

8 states decriminalize first offense

Idaho is the only state that continues to say no to the weed.

HJR4 wouldn't have changed anything in Idaho. The amendment was designed to protect Idahoans from the intense lobbying that the Gem State will face from the cannabis industry. Are our lawmakers planning to make a move to legalize drugs that are currently illegal?

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