Idaho Lieutenant Governor Janice McGeachin responded to Governor Little's reaction to her amending his executive order. The lieutenant governor exclusively told KIDO Talk Radio. What she detailed during our interview is a fractured relationship with Governor Little and his staff.

Contrary to published reports, the lieutenant governor did not ask the adjutant general of the Idaho National Guard to send his troops to the border. She told us that her letter was a private one between her and Major General Michael J. Garshak concerning the process of activating the guard.

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"The only reason why this is public now is that my letter was leaked to the media by the governor's office," said the lieutenant governor. She continued, "no one was copied on that letter to the general." McGeachin found out that the letter was made public by receiving a call from a reporter from the Associated Press asking her if she was sending troops to the border.

The lieutenant governor explained that she found out about the governor leaving the state from a press release. McGeachin told us that repeated attempts did not answer her efforts to determine when she would become governor to the governor's office. She said that she texted the governor's chief of staff, who has yet to return her text at the time of this publication.

Governor Little and Speaker Bedke have publically criticized McGeachin for amending the governor's executive order regarding vaccine passports and grandstanding. The lieutenant governor explained that she has documentation from Idahoans concerned about their employment and safety.

"The truth is that starting back in July, I've been receiving hundreds and hundreds of emails and phone calls regarding the situation at the border, illegal immigration, and the Biden Refugee Resettlement Program," said McGeachin. "We have documentation of our efforts to communicate with the governor's office to get answers asked by our constituents."

You can hear the entire interview in the last segment of today's Kevin Miller Show Podcast on our website, or anywhere else you listen to podcasts.

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