In Idaho, we're used to being at the top of every good list in the country. Last week, due to the conflict between Governor Brad Little and Lieutenant Governor Janice McGeachin, Idaho was attacked for its very traditional lifestyle.

We've compiled a list of Idaho Media Villians for your enjoyment. We'd like to humbly invite these pictured critics to our state to state their critiques to our face or perhaps actually know what they're talking about before taking such cheap shots at Idaho.  With the exception of Stephen Colbert, who has been to Idaho, how many of these folks have ever been to Idaho?  Yet, that doesn't stop them from ripping the Gem State.

National Media Pundits Criticize Idaho

A gallery of all the folks that know how to run Idaho better than the people who actually live in Idaho.

In the true spirit of being an Idahoan, I'd politely invite all the folks listed above to visit our great state. Stereotypes and gutter humor should not take the place of an honest exchange of ideas. I don't know why the folks in New York would find a photo of a female elected official holding a gun and a bible with a flag in the background funny?

Are these media folks to woke to realize that faith, family, and freedom are the core elements that make up the backbone of our constitutional republic? There's a reason why so many Americans are moving to Idaho to live out their dreams. Perhaps they're tired of the same snotty closed-minded stereotypes that we've shared with you in this article?  


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