Idaho Pastor Paul Van Noy is currently in intensive care according to multiple published reports.  What makes the pastor's plight so public is that he spoke out against the mask mandates in Idaho and across the country. Now, even the NY Post is reporting on his condition.  There are thousands of victims of COVID-19.  Thousands more are in ICU centers or fighting for their lives.  Why would a pastor in Idaho garner such attention?

The media wants to send a message that anyone who disagrees with wearing a mask is taking their life into their own hands.  By positioning this story, as the anti-masker pastor is in trouble, they send the message that resistance to the mandate will not be tolerated.

Pastor Van Noy s is the senior pastor of the Candlelight Church.  He and other church officials have tested postive for the virus including his wife.  KHQ spoke with his assistant Eric Reade on the phone.  (You can watch the entire story by clicking the KHQ link above.) who voiced his concern for the pastor.   Van Noy temporarily closed Candlelight Church in March, then reopened less than two months later, telling parishioners they could leave their masks at home.

However, Reade says the church's members are "welcome to" wear masks if they chose to do so.   We will keep you updated on this situation.  Do you believe the coverage of the pastor's condition has been fair?  Please keep him and all those fighting for their health in your prayers.

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