My Mom told me that nothing good ever happens after ten at night.  Kids this advice applies to prom season as well.  However, the Idaho Legislature proved Mom's point last night by passing a massive tax increase on gasoline and vehicle registrations.  Here are the details: a seven-cent increase per gallon on gasoline and increases registration fees by 21 dollars.

The politicians claimed that the new money will raise 95 million dollars for fixing roads and bridges.  Then gain, they claim we need 262 million dollars to repair Idaho's crumbling roads.  We're still waiting for that 'independent' report stating that these repairs matter.  I guess we should just take their word for it.

Friday Night's money grab should tell us that we cannot trust our local politicians.  If roads and bridges were the priority, why did the legislature wait until the last moment of the last day to pass a tax increase without public comment?  Why look at alternatives in the ever expanding general fund instead of sticking us with a tax increase?

Why did the legislature give the lawbreakers from 'add the words' over three days of hearings at the beginning of the session?  Why did the House debate new gun legislation without giving the supporters of constitutional carry a hearing?  These questions will have to wait, because like a thief in the night, our politicians took our money and ran.