The life of a talk show host is a living example of the road less traveled. Everything you say is under scrutiny from friend and foe. Talk show hosts walk a fine line between provocative and outrageous. The best talk show hosts get better with age.

Over the weekend, we lost a great talk show host by the name of Phil Valentine. Phil was a national host that was a legend in the Midsouth Region of the country.

We lost my friend Phil Valentine this weekend to Covid. Phil was a gifted husband, father, author, documentary, and talk show host. I had the privilege of working with him briefly in Nashville. He was always gracious in helping a developing talent who was new to the market. There has been a lot written about Phil lately concerning Covid and his views on the matter.

I know that the world will miss the guy who took people home from work every day, who seemingly single-handedly stopped a state income tax from happening, who continued to make a difference in his community. I was fortunate to see Phil every year in Washington DC rallying the folks against illegal immigration. Phil made his points with intelligence and laughter. You could never leave his show without learning something about yourself. He was a master of the theater of the mind.

To his friends and family, I'm sorry for your loss. We all have lost in this age of Covid. I want to thank Phil for his infectious smile and his gifts to all of us. You will be missed, old friend.

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