Idaho hasn't made it through one week of the new school without the effects of Covid impacting the school year.

One school in Meridian has made the decision to close their doors till next week because of Covid. Compass Public Charter School in Meridian announced on Facebook that they would close their doors until September 7th due to Covid concerns at the school. Compass just opened a brand new facility last year.

Could we see more schools following the example of Compass?  Last year, educators and parents were challenged by the virtual learning that took the place of in the classroom settings.  Remote learning is already talking place in Idaho even though school has not been in session for more than a week.

KTVB reports that Grand View Elementary in Owyhee County will go to remote learning because of Covid issues at the school.  They plan to return to school after Labor Day.  Other school districts across the state are struggling to keep their kids in school.

Idaho Education News and East Idaho News reported that Rockford Elementary had an issue with staff members catching Covid.  The school is working through the challenge by using the learning from home model.

Marie Thomas who taught math in Weiser died likely of Covid reports the Idaho Press. She taught in the district for over 32 years.  Weiser has been back to school since mid August, but already has 14 Covid cases from staff and students.

Idaho Education News has gathered the current levels of Covid infections.  Let's take a look at their numbers:

Boise State University: 56 cases for the week ending Thursday, 53 involving students. Positive test rate: 5.9 percent.

Idaho State University: 32 cases for the week ending Tuesday, 24 involving students.

North Idaho College: 13 cases self-reported since Aug. 22, 10 involving students.

Lewis-Clark State College: 11 active cases, 10 involving students.

Brigham Young University-Idaho: four active cases Thursday, two involving students.

College of Eastern Idaho: Three cases last week, two involving students.

College of Southern Idaho: One case for the week ending Aug. 19, involving a faculty member.

No current data is available for the University of Idaho, College of Western Idaho, The College of Idaho and Northwest Nazarene University.

Although one can argue whether mask mandates could curb the growth of Covid, it appears that Covid will continue to be a factor during the school year.   The question that no one wants to answer is whether the 2021 school year will resemble the 2020 school year?

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