Idaho is considered to be one of the most conservative states in the country. Recently, a national publication says that Idaho is the second most gun-friendly state in the country.

Guns and Ammo report that Idaho is second only to Arizona when it comes to being friendly to the Second Amendment. The magazine does an annual report based on legislative activity, current laws, the Castle Doctrine, Black Rifle Laws, National Firearms Act, Right to Carry, and CCW.

The Gem State ranked kept its second-place rank from last year. Our surrounding sister states showed up in the following order: #7 Wyoming, #8 Utah, #9 Montana, #32 Oregon, and #38 Washington. Idaho is one of the fastest-growing states in the country. Many credit Idaho's values as one of the primary reasons for their movement to Idaho.

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However, just a few years ago was not one of the most gun-friendly states in the country. It took a lot of work from grassroots Idahoans who wanted to make sure you had the right to keep and bear arms. Here's how it happened. It began with Greg and Seth.

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The two men believed that Idaho's gun laws were some of the best. They found out that wasn't the case. Both men stood outside in the freezing weather collecting thousands of signatures to change gun laws in the Gem State. They delivered the signatures to the state legislature, and nothing happened.

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The two Idahoans formed the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance that was funded through grassroots donations. Thanks to their work, Idahoans can conceal and carry without a permit, carry on college campuses, and protect their families without fear of government retaliation.

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Republican members of the legislature attacked the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance. The Alliance took to towns and social media, alerting the public to non-friendly gun legislators. Those folks were voted out, and Conservatives were voted into office. Thanks to their hard work Idaho is number two; look out, Arizona, we're coming for you and the number one spot!


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