I don't know if REM had the year 2020 in mind when they released their hit 'It's the end of the world as we know it," but some days it sure feels like it.  The Gem State is blessed that severe weather is limited to maybe a windy day or an occasional thunderstorm.  However, the Gem State has been rocking recently.  In fact, according to Popular Mechanics Idaho hasn't stopped shaking since March 31st.  The entire state has been continues to absorb the aftershocks.


Have you felt your house or office building shaking lately?  Two weeks ago another aftershock resonated throughout the Gem State.  Geologist haven't figured out what has caused the recent uptick in seismic activity, according the article.

Some have speculated that the uptake of activity could be an indicator that the big one will finally occur at Yellowstone.  Not to worry, says the experts in the article.  They explain that Idaho is part of a region from California to Mexico.  Do you believe the big one is coming soon?

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