Idaho is one of America's favorite states. More Americans have moved to Idaho than almost more than any other state in the last five years. Idahoans are a proud, loyal, humble, hardworking breed that speaks the language of Faith, Family, and Freedom.

Once upon a time, the notion of Westerns captivating today's television viewers seemed far-fetched. In an era dominated by technology, who could relate to the horse-riding lifestyle of the West? Yet, defying all odds, the television show Yellowstone emerged as America's most-watched series. The show's narrative revolves around the Duttons, a Montana family, who strive to preserve their ranch and the rich traditions of the West.

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While Montana, the setting of the show, may not have needed it, the Yellowstone lifestyle drew thousands of Americans to the state. Interestingly, the show was filmed in Utah. However, it is in Idaho that Yellowstone has truly found a home, serving as a microcosm of the state's vibrant life and culture.

Iconic actor Kevin Costner announced via social media that he will not return to Yellowstone. Mr. Costner finally gave his side of the story about his departure. The award-winning actor/director/producer will continue to focus on his Horizon four film project.

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Idahoans will undoubtedly flock to see the Horizon films as they are released. However, most will miss seeing John Dutton fighting for Western values. Mr. Costner revealed in a recent GQ profile his love of the West, particularly Utah, where he is starting a film and production company. He hopes his investment in the infrastructure will attract more movies and films to Utah.

Unfortunately, Idaho does not offer the same lucrative financial incentives for filmmakers as other states like Georgia and Utah.

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