The state of Idaho announced last week that it wants to purchase the HP Campus for over 110 million dollars.  Read why this is a bad idea here.  The Gem State wants to get into the landlord business.  Last week, the state issued a press release seeking support in the legislature to buy the HP Campus on Chinden for 110 million dollars, plus millions to  renovate the buildings and grounds.

The state will assume the leases from the current tenants and to HP.  The state says it will save money by consolidating all the their agencies to one location.  This argument reminds me of having a big house or a big room, which leads to more purchases to fill up the house or room.

My advice to the state is to pass on becoming a landlord and find a much cheaper alternative.  If Idaho is truly a home of smaller state government, why would we want to buy a massive estate as taxpayer expense?  State government should be working on how to shrink their expenses instead of looking to 'grow' into a huge complex.

I find it hard to believe that a state that cannot afford to pay teachers and desperately needed infrastructure repairs can justify a spending spree of government officials.

Let's hope cooler heads prevail and the legislature passes on the HP Boondoggle.

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