Idaho State Police have arrested three people after another check of the tent city on the capitol grounds. ISP has continued to monitor the situation involving several individuals protesting the high cost of homeownership and rents in Boise. According to a release from ISP, twelve people were cited for the Idaho State Code violations.

Check Out The Idaho State Police Inspecting Tent City

Idaho State Police work to eliminate illegal activity at the homeless protest surrounding the Idaho Statehouse.

ISP will now launch an investigation into possible illegal drug use in the multiple tent area. The tents are allowed to be on state grounds due to a court order, Watters v. Otter, that allows symbolic tents. Residents are not allowed to live there, and damage to the property is prohibited. The Idaho Department of Administration and agents with the Idaho Department of Correction Division of Probation and Parole joined ISP in walking the grounds this morning.

Here are the three people that were arrested today:

Arrested: Rebekah B. Nino, 26
Charged: Possession of a Controlled Substance - Meth (F)
Warrants (2)(m) Failure to Appear, Ada County, St Louis County, MO

Arrested: David Frazier, 43
Charged: Warrant (m) Probation Violation, Ada County
Cited: Violation of ISC 67-1613

Arrested: Javier Narvaez Dominguez, 31
Charged: Warrant (F) Failure to Appear, drug-related charges, Ada County

Troopers did find evidence of methamphetamine use that initiated the drug investigation. This time, no tents were removed, although some protesters decided to remove their tents.

The capitol grounds fall under the enforcement of the Idaho State Police. The protestors mistakenly believe that their protest against the lack of affordable housing in Boise will result in action from the city. Idaho and the state troopers will continue to patrol the area to ensure public safety.

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